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Vail.Beaver Creek 2015

Sustainable transfer – The greatest challenge is to develop a system that is both safe and recyclable yet also environmentally friendly.

Our years of experience in the construction of A/4 net (high-safety net) systems for the protection of alpine ski racers also convinced the organizing committee of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games to build their safety systems with Alpina.
The previous successful export of our know-how and our profound expertise in the implementation of projects throughout Europe also contributed to the committee’s positive decision.

Alpina high-safety mast systems are sustainable on several levels

The focus of our Canadian customers was primarily on environmental protection. The most important requirement? No concrete foundations! The sustainability of the system and guaranteeing a national value chain were other challenges that we had to contend with.

In 2007, we started our cooperation and met all requirements. The entire system was dismantled without leaving anything behind in Vancouver in summer 2010 and reused in partnership in Vail/Beaver Creek for the upcoming 2015 World Cup. Project start with Vail: 2011.

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