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  • Low length 2.4 m
  • No anchoring required
  • No energy transfer underground
  • Quick installation
  • One of a kind worldwide

Low length, maximum performance
The ALPINA F1-80 is the shortest available solution
(2.4 m) in performance level 80.

Memory material combination
The special combination of fiberglass and special plastic creates an accordion effect. This means that in the event of an impact of up to 50 km/h, the F1-80 returns to its original shape.

Quick installation, no foundations
No special foundations are required to install the ALPINA ROAD AIRBAG. Other systems require a concrete slab, anchors or a specially prepared base. Height-adjustable feet make it easy to compensate for level differences, thus saving time and costly tunnel closures. Since the ALPINA ROAD AIRBAG absorbs impact energy, no force is transmitted into the ground, which is a major advantage for securing tunnel niches, tunnel portals, and bridges. Quick installation in approximately 30 minutes.

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