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ALPINA Airmodule „AA“

This development offers great advantages compared to all other inflatable barriers.
These air modules consist of six inflated parts, which are supplied with permanent air flow via a new system of pumps and hoses. Due to this new permanent inflation, the modules provide the same performance all the time, and neither changes in temperature nor changes in weather conditions impact the air pressure in the modules.
The air modules are made of high-strength, reinforced PVC and the material is flame-retardant and weather-resistant and guarantees a long service life.
The modules are easy to install and offer top performance. They have to be installed directly in front of rigid barriers. A special front apron prevents slipping underneath and the new connection system prevents the skiers from getting in between the modules.

The advantages:

  • Energy absorption through air exchange
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum operational reliability
  • Flame retardant, durable, reinforced PVC
  • No slipping under the module
  • UV stabilized
  • Weather resistant
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • Fixation for high wind speeds
  • Installation for left and right turns
  • No entrapment between two modules
  • Low transport and storage volume

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